#NigeriaAir: As Buhari Puts Masses’ $309 million Will 95% Owning Cabal Put Their $6 billion?

by Dr. Perry Brimah,

As the truth of the sham, masses enslaving privatization of the Nigerian Air so-called national carrier comes to fore, new releases show the Buhari government’s intentions to invest $309 million from the masses into the cabal-owned venture.

According to the Vanguard:

“The government would bring its contribution to kick-start the Airline. The amount of equity the partners would hold would determine government contribution.The Start up cost over the next 3 years is about $300 million, but pre-start-up is $8.8 million. The rest of the investment will be equity injection which will happen in tranches”.

Since the Nigerian people only own 5% of this company as the Aviation minister declared, and are investing $309 million, the 95% owning cabal should invest a proportional sum of money to cover their 95% ownership. That is approximately 20x the government’s 5% investment which will approximate $6 billion. Will the lucky cabal owners to whom Nigeria’s national brand has been mortgaged, invest $6 billion? They must, otherwise this is 419 fraud once again. You own 95%, you bring cash (not loan) of that sum. $6 billion!

How can a government be so malicious they handover the Nigerian national carrier brand name along with its international connections and additionally cover “the office and other start up cost,” all gifted to a chosen wealthy cabal to sit and make more “awuf” billions that typically sponsors the corrupt politics and flows to fund terrorism?

Everywhere in the world, National carrier means government owned, except in Nigeria, the nation of fake governance. Hashtag #FakeGovernance

Egypt Air: 100% government owned

Ethiopian Airlines: 100% government owned

Kenyan Airlines: Majority government owned

Air Namibia: 100% government owned

Air Tanzania: 100% government owned 

Nigeria Air: 95% cabal owned

The federal government of Nigeria must be sued for this national embarrassment, illicit transfer of the national brand, national assets and connections, and state funds to the cabal in an open brazen scam. Nigerians must rise up against this open corruption. The cabal cannot continue to own us and we do nothing. Even our airports, this government is selling to the cabal. If they believe they cannot run anything, why do they not first privatize Aso rock? My video on “Monkey Business governance” exposes this Nigerian limited cabal invented scam that governments cannot run things. Governments RUN THINGS!: https://youtu.be/_ios0fWuQfk]

Enough is enough. For Nigeria to grow the Cabal Must Go!

Dr. Perry Brimah, 2019 presidential candidate: @CabalMustGo movement; Whatsapp Tel: +234-903-420-3031; +1-929-427-5305; ; @EveryNigerian